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B.Y.O.C. offers a full line of DIY guitar effects
kits that are based on some of the most
famous circuits ever conceived and use top
shelf components to provide you with superb
sounding boutique level effects pedals that
are both fun to build and save you money.  
And you will also enjoy your pedal so much
more because you built it yourself (your
friends will be thoroughly impressed too!).
Our kits come with absolutely EVERYTHING
you need to build a complete pedal right
down to the hook up wire.  The circuit board
is ready-to-solder and the enclosure is
pre-drilled.  The
only thing you'll need are a few basic tools
and a little patience.  And they're easy to
build too.  The step by step instructions make
it as simple as paint by numbers and the
layouts are extremely intuitive.  
But the most important thing with any guitar
FX stompbox is how the end result sounds
and holds up.  A BYOC kit is not just some
DIY project that simply "works".  A properly
built BYOC kit will rival or surpass even the
most coveted and expensive handmade
versions of a comparable circuit in tone,
construction, and every other aspect of what
makes pedal great.
With so many pedal companies that all seem
to offer the same things, why not try
something different?   Why not build your own
clone and Take Tone Into Your Own Hands?
Orange Distortion
Phase Royal
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