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10-Band Graphic Equalizer
10 bands with input and output level sliders?!?!?!  With true mechanical bypass?  In a small 125B size
enclosure?!?!?!  Yes, it's true.  This kit is not a clone of anything, because there is no other graphic EQ
quite like it.  It is an original design based on the information found in the data sheet for the Rohm BA3812L
5-band  equalizer chip (2 chips in series = 10 bands).  This pedal isn't dead silent when boosting
frequencies, but it is quieter and more natural sounding than any other EQ we've tried.  It's capable of 14dB
cut/boost  on each frequency and has over 20dB of overall boost.  At unity gain, this pedal is dead silent,
completely transparent and even reduces noise and hum when placed after your dirt boxes.  And the input
and output level sliders make it ideal for use with almost any instrument, including line level signals.  Did we
mention it has 12 sliders in a small 125B sized enclosure?

NEW REV1.2 NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Rev1.2 has components for 15 different frequencies.  No...This isn't a 15
band EQ.  It's still only 10 bands (as if that weren't enough) but you now a big say in what frequencies are
covered.  Tone snobs have turned their noses up at stompbox graphic EQ's long enough!
Orange Distortion
Phase Royal
This kit has been discontinued.  
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